Trying to find a way to make the most of everything that I’m good at, fade into the background, and create a background of functioning.

Seemingly, it’s been so easy to choose to avoid that which really wants to express itself, and instead focus on what is seemingly inhibiting this movement.

The avoiding is the inhibition, and there is fear in a true expression.

I’m exploring now the idea of functioning as something of a brainstorming buddy, for sole proprietorships– is it possible to actually help people create their businesses, which are their own true expression?

Is this another avoidance– it seems like an obvious projection, but worth an experiment, I suppose.

Reflecting on the elections held yesterday. . .

In watching what’s been happening, it starts to feel to me like a harsh national rebuke of ego/ethnocentrism.

I feel like the new era of politics, has a chance, to be defined by rationality (what actually works, outside of a half-baked static dogmatism, either left or right), radical transparency (information technology brings anything anyone would wish to conceal to light much more quickly, providing the oversight in a new “people powered politics),as well as the respect, tolerance, and decency that come from a post-ethnocentric worldview.

Republicans seemed to run on a platter of ethnocentrism (I want what’s best for me and people who look like me, and deviants should be punished) and, egocentric hoarding of resources at the expense of others.